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The story began with the idea to create relevant and engaging content for corporates. Since 2016, we have had the privilege to work with plenty of clients across the spectrum; from digital marketing agencies, manufacturing industries, IT companies to NGOs.

Our secret sauce is the approach and enthusiasm which our team has about the work we create. We believe that any content piece; be it, an ad, corporate film, short ad film, event video highlight or even an NGO film should be worked on with all the skills at our disposal. We thrive at the intersection of ‘Broadway and Wall Street’ ie. creating content for clients which are within the client’s budget but not at all short on the creative front.


We are a young company started by three engineering graduates; who for a calling within themselves, entered into the creative field of storytelling. Our stint with corporate stories started in March 2016 when we created a corporate film for a company called Duroshox. Since then we have been consistently creating promotional videos, films, ads for clients in various industries and spheres. In 2017, we started working with P.N.Gadgil & Sons, and since then we have created almost 10 web ads for them. We have a hard working and talented team, who love to work on challenging and innovative concepts giving your stories a magical journey from ideation to screentime.

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